Flower Care Tips

03 August 2018

When the weather is hot - your cut flowers will need a little extra help. Here are our top 5 Tips

1. Change the water regularly. Warm weather means bacteria on the stems and in the water will increase more rapidly so change the water with fresh tap water daily. If you can recut the stems at the same time this also helps.

2. Use the flower food sachet provided. All our bouquets are delivered with special flower food which keeps the water fresh and encourages the flowers to develop gradually from bud to full bloom.

3. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight. They'll suffer from the excessive heat and only last a couple of days. Radiators in the winter are just as bad.

4. Select flowers that come from warmer climates such as anthuriums, strelitzia (Bird of Paradise), protea and heliconias which will cope better with warmer weather.

5. Deadhead regularly. Removing faded flowers will keep your display looking fresh. Carefully cutting the anthers (polleny bit) from flowers such as lilies will mean individual flowers last longer for you.

Flower Care Tips